I work with Individuals and Small to Medium Sized Businesses who want to bring their vision to life in the Digital World.

I specialise in

> Designing and Building Custom Websites

> Updating and Managing Existing Websites

> Search Engine Optimisation


> I am a problem solver with an unflinchingly positive attitude. Even in the most frustrating of tech tight spots, I’ll always believe I can fix a problem or find a way to use it to my advantage…and get a huge kick out of it when I do!

> For someone that works in tech I am pretty unique. I have a background in the Music and Theatre Industries and trained as a Web Designer at a point where I had a massive amount of inspiration and creativity to pour into a career I am truly passionate about.

> I am incredibly honest. I am proud of the skills I have and not afraid to highlight the ones I don’t.

> I am highly skilled. One of the things that first attracted me to Web Design was the fact that learning will never be done. To continue to build robust and high functioning websites I need to continue to be practically knowledgeable about the ever-changing world of tech. I started my education by learning to Code at General Assembly and have since continued to attend classes with them whilst also expanding my knowledge with organisations such as Google and Facebook.


> Depending on your point of view all of the list above could easily be on here!

> I am not a Back-End Developer. If you wish to develop a new piece of software I can’t help, however, I am always eager to collaborate and will work in a team to design the visual aspects of a site with original functionality.

> My attention to detail is second to none and I will always aim for a site’s message and functionality to be perfect. This means I focus on small details and strive for User Experience to be excellent. If you are looking for a website to be quickly built sacrificing functionality over time and money I am not the right designer for your project.

“As soon as I met Jo I knew I was going to work with her. She is now my go-to for my website and is helping me with a complete overhaul. Jo is very good at what she does, hard working, fun and reliable. I have recommended her to all of my clients and friends (many of whom have worked with her). 

After having a hard time getting the right tech support Jo is a breath of fresh air. Not only does she understand the tech but she has a strong eye for design. 

If you are looking for a web designer I wouldn’t look any further. I hope to continue working with Jo for years to come.”

Ruth Kudzi | Business and Success Coach | ruthkudzicoaching.com

“Jo is incredible at what she does. I cannot recommend her services enough. She is my go-to tech saviour. Any problems I’ve had with building my business, website, newsletter – Jo has solved with ease. Her fast response communication and solving issues so seamlessly have reduced so much stress for me.

Thank you Jo – you’re amazing.”

Dr Sophie Rumbelow | Chiropractor | atlaschiropractichampstead.com

Working with Jo felt like a weight being lifted in my business.

I finally have a website I am proud of and that represents my business well.

She is laid back, easy to work with, and does great work! She is available for questions and explains things very well.”

Karey Martin | kitchenlifetransformation.com