Jo Hamlyn

I am Jo Hamlyn, I am a freelance web designer, I live in Ealing with my other half, Nick.

I grew up in Plymouth, Devon. See the lovely picture of a rainbow over the seafront…I think I took this just after a huge rainstorm on a day out for my mum’s 70th Birthday, its true what they say about how much it rains in the Westcountry, it’s also clearly true it’s very beautiful.

Despite its beauty, I left the bustling metropolitan Plymouth and on my 19th Birthday to come to London to study Business. I never really had much ambition except for wanting to moving to London whilst I was growing up, this could be because when I was at school Computer Science wasn’t really an option, possibly not.

Clearly, the love for London has stuck, the degree in Business, not so much.


After almost 10 years working in a live music venue, I discovered that my transferable skills were put to good use at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in Haringey, North London, running the academies Young Peoples and Community & Outreach Programme.

It was incredibly rewarding working with creative young people facilitating opportunities and an environment for them to follow their dreams and explore their creativity. I became a specialist in Child Protection, writing the Academies Child Protection Policy, and worked on some incredible projects including founding the Haringey Youth Festival which still runs today.

However, as I entered my 30’s I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t exploring my own creativity. I started reading lots of books, listening to hours of podcasts and using up all my internet allowance downloading TED talks and in 2015 decided that working in the tech industry would be the kind of place I would be able to be creative and truly myself. I think I felt that an industry so focused on the future and committed to lifelong learning and innovation would always be an exciting place to be.


I studied at General Assembly in the Summer of 2016 and in early 2017 became a full-time freelance Web Designer.

I adore my job. I love the freedom it gives me to be creative, how it challenges me and brings my intelligence to its full potential and will always keep me engaged.

When I first started as a freelancer the thought of networking to sell myself was petrifying, but it turns out I really like being in a room full of strangers and when I’m in the right room they quickly turn to friends.

I quite like talking about politics and have some clearly formed views on how the UK should be managed, I won’t bore you with them here but I do believe that period poverty is something that should have long ended in the UK and support many charities striving to do this.

I also love running and am pretty interested in health and nutrition. I also have a spiritual side and will often have crystals in my handbag.

Over and above everything my favourite social pastime is to attend live music concerts, usually, Doom or Heavy Blues influenced bands. The picture of Nick and I is at DesertFest 2018.