I build Custom Websites designed to meet all your digital needs and appeal to your target audience on a platform that will meet these requirements for as long as you need it to do so.

I am passionate about building sites that support an individual or business through development and growth.

I do not believe that you should need a new framework each time your goals change and I do not believe that a website needs to be built to its full potential in its first incarnation.

Hosting and Content Managment Systems can be flexible.

The amount of money you can spend on a website is perhaps unquantifiable. However, it is possible to start with a modest investment and over time and continued investment, the same site can become something far from modest.

A Portfolio of my Custom Websites can be found here

A guide to help everyone who wants a new website, regardless of their technical knowledge, make informed decisions on what they need from the products and services the market currently has to offer, can be found here


I want you to enjoy the build process and love the result.

A website is a key factor in your business and/or Personal Brand and you should be proud of it and excited to promote it.

After an initial consultation, usually over email, telephone or video chat, I will ask you to send me a list of requirements that you would like your website to fulfil.

If you already have a good idea of what you want from your site and would like to discuss what I can offer you are welcome to send your specifications directly to me @

Some inspiration on things to consider when planning a website build can be found here

I will reply to this list with a proposed quote and delivery timeline.

Once we have agreed that the quote and timeline meet your needs and my availability we have another consultation, preferably in person, where we finalise project details and begin the design process.

I always ask that 50% of the quoted fee is paid before work commences. Depending on the size and length of the project we agree how the remaining fee will be paid when finalising project details.

During a project we will keep in close contact, allowing you to feel as much part of the development process as you wish to be.

When the site is complete and signed off I provide you with a package that supports your website. This is different depending on the project but usually includes a Branding Board and Training on how to use and manage the site yourself, the training is delivered 1-2-1 where useful.


All of it or none of it. I am happy for you to provide as much of the practical content as you wish and enjoy working on collaborative projects.

I will build your website framework, design it to work well with your brand and have excellent User Experience.

I can then add and create any functionality you may need from the site such as:

> Bespoke ChatBot usable across website and Social Media
> Downloadable Content

> Members Area

> Online Courses

> E-commerce or Online Payments

> Mailing List Capture
…this is not an exhaustive list by any means.

I can also provide the following aspects of website content:

Logo | Created to represent your product or brand.

Branding | A full website brand which includes a colour scheme, fonts and stock photography.
I am not an overall brand expert, if you wish to have a branding applied to practical business elements that exist outside of your website, such as staff uniforms, I am not qualified to advise on this.
I can recommend and do regularly work in collaboration with people who are.

Copywriting for Web | I can write copy for web and therefore provide all the written content you might need for your website including e-commerce product descriptions.

SEO | Optimisation of your site to get the best Search Engine Results.

Full details of my SEO services can be found here

I do not provide original Video Content or Photography.

“Jo is quite simply fantastic to work with.

She’s energetic, committed and her work is excellent. Jo communicates clearly throughout the process (without all the tech speak) and never rushes you for a decision. She was always able to say what works and what doesn’t (and why) which I found helpful and reassuring.

If you want a positive, creative and straightforward approach to your website – Jo is for you!”

Caroline Rae | Career and Leadership Coach |

“I loved working with Jo! She’s super fun, and flexible, and works flipping hard to make it happen within your deadlines.

I’d been badly burned on a website before, and I was a little nervous about hiring the right person, and she’s just a joy. Can’t recommend her enough.”

Lucy Griffiths | Video Strategist and Coach for Female Entrepreneurs |