I offer support and updates for existing websites; regardless of their history.

Maybe you built or are building a site yourself using a template and need some help with technical adjustments? Or you have run out of time and want someone to finish the template for you?

Perhaps you have been successfully maintaining your own website but after lots of tweaks it’s losing usability and needs a little bit of attention and perhaps some redesign, to bring it back to full glory?

You may need to add some new Pages or Functionality to your site.

Or, and this is the most popular reason my clients state for having update support on their website, you simply want more time.

You might be a coach, chiropractor or writer and have realised that your time is much more valuable spent working with your clients or focusing on your projects than updating your website.


£65 per hour

I charge for Update Support on a pay – as – you go basis.

If the initial list of requests you have is large I will view it as a redesign and put a full quote together with a timeline. Regardless, the rate will be based on £65 per hour/£500 per day.

For clients who want lots of regular updates, we agree on an amount, dependant on how much work you think you are going to need, and I invoice you each time we reach that figure.
I also ask for an upfront fee (again, depending on how much work you will want me to do) and take that off the first bill.
This avoids me sending out daily invoices for £16.25 each time something small needs updating.

Once details are set up you can simply email, text or call me outlining your update and I will let you know when its done (usually within 24/48 hours).


This support can, if you need, span more than just your website.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I can help with set up and design on the following platforms:

> WordPress
> Square Space
> Wix
> Lead Pages
> Survey Monkey
> Mail Chimp
> E-Commerce Set-up including payment portals such as Stripe and PayPal
> Email Template Design

“Jo [has a] professional “can do” attitude and reassuring approach for a very non-tech me. Not only did Jo deliver and resolve all my problems, she did so with a good-hearted and upbeat energy. My VA and I have agreed that she is now most definitely on both our teams. Very highly recommended”

Sharon Eden | daretobeyouuk.com

“I’ve been working with Jo for almost 6 months and have nothing but praise for her.

Jo maintains my website and helps me with ad-hoc projects. At all times Jo has given me reliable support and delivered on time. In addition, Jo is pragmatic, providing alternatives to consider where initial ideas cannot be implemented.

She can also be relied on not to bamboozle with tech jargon!

I highly recommend Jo to anyone needing website support, redesign or development.”

Becky Beach | beckybeach.net