In 2018 there are many theories on how Search Engine Optimisation should be approached.

It’s undeniable that since Search Engines began using algorithms to decide which websites are favoured when we search, the landscape of the internet has changed dramatically.

The exact criteria set on these algorithms is a well-kept secret…and to keep the playing field level it constantly changes. Sometimes the Search Engines let us know an update has been developed, usually via a blog (I am an avid reader of The Keyword, Google’s Blog) and sometimes they don’t.

All we know is that there is A LOT going on in a very short space of time.

Go to Google and search “Cow”.
> Look at the bit of text at the top in grey that says something like | “About 87,700,000 results (0.72 seconds)”
That’s what I got for “Cow” today, the likelihood is that when you check the number will have grown.
> That’s the number of websites that contain “Cow” and therefore are in the market for a Search Engine result.
> The .72 seconds? Yep, that’s how long it took Google to sift through them all…nice!

All I can say is I am incredibly grateful for the mystical algorithm. Without it, searches would still be numerical or alphabetical and SEO would work something like this;

> “I’d like to be on the front page of Google for my Cow Website please?”
> “Fine. Let’s get you set up with a web domain, how about;”
> The Horror!

Digital Marketing and SEO experts, of course, have a good idea of what Search Engines are looking for. That is specifically what you pay us for, our research into the ever-changing SEO Algorithm.

SEO is an aspect of the digital world I find fascinating, hence my specialisation…most people don’t and it’s certainly not my go-to chat on an evening out…

A guide for anyone regardless of their marketing knowledge, who wants to make informed decisions about their complete Digital Marketing plan can be found here 


Full Website SEO | £750

This fee is flexible depending on the size of your website.

SEO is part of my Custom Website Packages and I offer SEO overhaul for existing sites.

In return for your investment, I work on your site and make sure everything is built as it should be for SEO, and correct anything that isn’t. This is certainly not an exhaustive list but, as an idea, these are some of the aspects I address during an SEO site check;

Visibility Aims | I clarify with you some clear goals and identify trending Keywords in your niche.

User Experience Design | I confirm that users can easily navigate your site and find the information you want them to.

Branding | I ensure a clear Branding Plan flows throughout your site.

Speed | I investigate any issues that may be slowing the loading time of your site down.

Analytics | I set up Google Business, Google Analytics, and Bing Profiles available for you to monitor your site traffic after the audit is complete.

After the check, I write up and/or talk through, depending on what you find most useful, what I have changed and why and put together a plan of recommended next steps you can take yourself to continue to increase the visibility of your website.

A detailed Case Study of an SEO project  I completed for Atlas Chiropractic Hampstead, where I reached page 1 of Google for the target keyphrase in 3 months, can be found here


My view is that SEO is something that should be considered when a new website is built and subsequently each time you or your site has a major goal change, not something that should need constant attention.

SEO takes around 2 months to show its full results in Organic Searches (this can be longer for brand new domains).

It is rare, however still possible, that SEO alone will get high-level visibility results. Once a site is optimised for SEO and getting the best Organic Search results it can it’s time to invest some time in creating original content for your site and money in robust paid Digital Marketing strategies.

Without good SEO a site will be held back by Search Engines and marketing budgets can be wasted trying to resolve this.

After SEO you can be confident that every penny you are spending on Digital Marketing is going towards improving site ranking and visibility.

Digital Marketing is something I am not a specialist in. My skill set is to get websites to the point where they are technically brilliant so that when they are marketed nothing is holding them back in terms of functionality and design.

“Jo came highly recommended to me by my marketing consultant. We already had a website set up, but we weren’t generating online bookings. 

Jo completely overhauled what we had and now we have a beautiful website that incorporates the essence of who we are, what we offer and what makes us unique.

The site is SEO optimised and our booking platform is more user-friendly. As a direct result of Jo’s work, our diary is full most days. The transformation is remarkable!”

Steve Bruce |

“Thank you for all the work you do for Atlas Chiropractic. Our targets and the results you have produced have far exceeded my expectations, your communication and work ethic is fantastic and I think you’re awesome.”

Dr Sophie Rumbelow | Chiropractor |