In September 2017 Dr Sophie Rumbleow launched her Chiropractic Surgery specialising in Upper Cervical Specific care of the Nervous System.

Alongside the surgery, she built her own website using Square Space to promote the treatment she offers.

After a few months in business, Sophie was getting a steady stream of clients from word of mouth and face to face networking. However, she felt that her website was simply serving as a place she was directing people after she met them and, in contrast to this, it should be working for her, creating its own stream of clients.

After searching “chiropractor hampstead”, her desired search keyphrase, Sophie realised her SEO situation was slightly worse than she had expected, not being able to find her business listed at all. Sophie and I had met previously at a networking event and she asked me if I could help rectify this.

I suggested an SEO overhaul of her site would help and, as I do with all my SEO clients, explained clearly that it may take as long as 6 months for the site to register well on Google and SEO alone might not get the desired results. We agreed to go ahead and that I would monitor the site for 6 months and Sophie would consider Facebook Marketing or a Google AdWords campaign to compliment the SEO overhaul.


In October 2017 I completed an SEO overhaul for

Sophie and I joked after it was complete that, to the naked eye, the site looked pretty much exactly the same.
I laughed along and nervously agreed…as it turns out Sophie did quickly notice a few streamlining changes, confidence restored!

At the beginning of November, I sent Sophie my first SEO report. With Analytics set up, we could now clearly see that her Blog and Social Media posts were driving traffic to the site, but we still weren’t seeing much movement on Google visibility for “chiropractor hampstead“. Sophie continued to Blog and we added some pictures to the site to further improve the amount of unique content.

In December things started to get exciting. Traffic was up, the site had reached page 2 of Google for “chiropractor hampstead” and we were on the coveted page 1 for “chiropractic hampstead“, a less popular but relevant keyphrase in Atlas Chiropractic’s target niche.
I noted that this was a very good sign and there was no need to look at investing in further Digital Marketing yet as we may reach our goal without it after all.

At the end of January we celebrated reaching our goal. In almost half the time predicted Atlas Chiropractic was, and of course still is, listed on page 1 of Google for “chiropractor hampstead“.

Sophie is now regularly getting clients booking through her website that are her target demographic and have found her through Google Search.

“Thank you so much. Please take credit for your awesomeness. This has totally exceeded our expectations and I’m now regularly getting patients book in just from google. Which is so amazing and I can’t thank you enough.” | Dr Sophie Rumbelow


Of course, I will take credit for my SEO skills. This case study is a testament to how useful SEO can be for your website and that, despite current trends, big marketing results are still possible from SEO.

Another key factor in SEO is original content. The Blog that Sophie writes for her website contains specialist information aimed specifically at her target audience. Sophie’s knowledge of her field is impressive and unique, and therefore so are her Blog posts. There is no doubt that this content is a massive draw for her target audience.

Sophie is now aiming to increase the traffic to her website online even further and is working with a Facebook Ads specialist. With robust SEO she can focus on really specific targets with Digital Marketing specialists and not waste budget aiming for goals that have been reached with SEO.